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Panama sport fishing guide area Pt. Manzanillo to Pt. San Blas

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SPORT FISHING CHARTER BOAT – 24-foot center console super panga powered by a 60 hp Yamaha outboard cruises at 30 mph. Excellent for Fly fishing.
SPORT FISHING CHARTER – Panama Saltwater fishing trips with veteran sport fishing guides for a minimum of 3 days. Panama fishing trips from the beach to 5 miles out and along the Atlantic or Caribbean Sea coast of Panama. Fly fishing and conventional angling sport fishing charters in the surf and on the flats. Lodging is at one of the local hotels on the upper coast of Colon or a residence on the beach. Ground transportation (2 -3 hours) is easily arranged. Three day Panama charter fishing trip package for two anglers including ground transportation, lodging, sport fishing guide and meals starting at $3500.
FISHING CHARTER QUARRY– Panama saltwater fishing charter for shelf pelagic, shelf demersal and slope game fish species encountered in the Caribbean Sea including Tarpon Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper and Grouper, Jack Crevalle, Sharks, Great Barracuda, African Pompano, Cubera snapper, Amberjack, Snook and Permit and assorted trash fish.

CHARTER FISHING TACKLE – Panama saltwater fishing trip gear includes Shimano TLD 25 reels, Penn 4/0 senator reels, Penn 330 & 340 GTI level wind reels on Penn or Custom rods, Penn international plug casting reels on custom rods, Penn 310 level wind on custom rods, Penn 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500, 712z-704z spinning reels on Penn or Custom rods. Fly fishing trips are welcome and encouraged but I have no fly fishing equipment.
Flats Fishing Charters Fly Fishing Guide CHARTER FISHING SEA CONDITIONS – Saltwater sport fishing trips are accomplished within 5 miles of shore along the 30-mile edge of the upper Atlantic or Caribbean Sea coast of Panama east of Colon. This Panama fishing trip area is mostly tropical barrier reef, beaches and estuary saltwater fishing zones at river mouths bordering adjacent deep Caribbean Sea waters. Because of the dry season's strong prevailing northeast trade winds seas are from 3-6 feet from late December until late May. From June to November Caribbean Seas are calm and the water is very clear perfect opportunities for fly fishers and conventional anglers interested in rewarding sport fishing charters. Afternoon showers grow more frequent during the months of October and November.


The casual observer in Panama is presently aware of the close proximity of the two major oceans of the world. The Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans are only 40 to 60 miles apart at Panama’s narrowest points. Grouper Fishing Charters To an average sight seeing tourist this is a novelty of secondary geographic interest in a country endowed with other more impressive aspects such as history dating to the time of Columbus. One of the first Spanish settlements, a crossroads for the Inca gold and a favorite target of famous pirates (Henry Morgan, Sir Francis Drake etc) throughout the ages Panama was at the forefront of Europe’s colonial development of the Americas. Numerous Old Spanish monuments, structures, forts, monasteries, altars, settlements and ruins are to still to be seen. The Panama Canal, historically one of the wonders of the world, can be seen and studied in its unique working splendor. Virtually undisturbed ancient Indian cultures exist and flourish throughout Panama, easily accessible to the interested visitor. Panama’s tropical setting, its intrinsic fauna, flora, waterfalls, mountains and valleys are worthy of the time and effort well spent in touring them.
A sportfishing angler is more interested in catching fish however and two major oceans so close together and easily accessible spark his piscatorial imagination. (Tarpon, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Snapper and Grouper, Jack Crevalle, Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo or Shark, Great Barracuda plus African Pompano, Cubera snapper, Amberjack, Snook and Permit). After a short time in Panama he finds himself wondering what it would be like to go on sportfishing charters in both Oceans. It is at times like these that one understands what angling pioneer and writer Zane Grey meant when he said, “No matter what supreme good fortune befalls them, anglers can never be completely satisfied. It is their fundamental weakness.” Before long any angler worth his salt goes on a saltwater sportfishing charter of the Atlantic Ocean and then ona offshore sportfishing charter of the Pacific Ocean while in Panama.
Fly Fishing Charters Panama sport fishing guide The Atlantic Ocean or Caribbean Sea side of Panama with its small tides of 3 feet and warm nutrient rich clear water is famous for expansive living reefs, beaches and natural offshore structures plus unique coral growth formations and sport fishing trips. Deep water troughs and hundreds of islands abound within a few miles from shore. Offshore gamefish, estuary, pelagic, shelf pelagic, shelf demersal, and slope gamefish species are abundant and prolific in these rich unspoiled Caribbean waters. These wonderful gamefish abound in this vast sport fishing area because of the unique ocean underwater topography and the major ocean currents as well as the fantastic habitat provided that is logically opportune for saltwater fishing charters. This is truely a sport fishing guides paradise for fly fishing trips especially for Tarpon, Kingfish, Snapper and Grouper as well as Sharks, Great Barracuda, African Pompano and Cubera snapper plus Snook and Permit. The numerous San Blas Islands defended by the native Kuna Indians exist virtually untouched by pollution, commercial intrusion and civilization. The clean clear Caribbean Sea waters of these islands are sea life hatcheries producing large populations of spinney lobster and reef fish as well as conks, octopus, and reef dependant organisms in the coral reef rich waters that in turn attract immense schools of foraging game fish that spark a Panama angling guides interest. Fly fishing and conventional angling sport fishing charters are convenient all along the coast. Cubera Snapper Fishing Charters Panama sport fishing guide Offshore seamounts such as the Volcan Reef spring up from the depths stimulating phenomenal aggregations and growth of a variety of marine life that in turn lure vast aggregations of pelagic, shelf pelagic and slope offshore gamefish that attract sport fishing guides of all persuasions. The Peninsula Valiente, Escudo de Veraguas Island, Laguna de Chiriqui and the Archipelago of Bocas Del Toro contribute greatly to this Caribbean Sea sportfishing charter areas’ massive offshore and inshore gamefish populations and deep sea fishing trips. Over the years major commercial interests have identified this area as the most productive offshore fishing zone in the Atlantic Ocean for a host of pelagic gamefish species. Fortunately successful inroads by these piratical conglomerates have been plagued by mishaps and progress has been slow. Abundant rivers flowing down from the mountains and through the Caribbean coasts’ rain forest jungles form miles of extravagant estuary networks, which in turn produce marine life wellsprings concentrating forage organisms and attracting gamefish predators important to Panama fishing trips. The upper Caribbean coast of Colon, especially the area from Viento Frió to El Porvenir is particularly interesting and virtually unfished by all but local artisan hook & line snapper fishermen. Tarpon Fly Fishing Charters Caribbean Sea fishing It is host to great schools or ‘runs’ of gamefish occuring seasonally that are convenient to sportfishing charters for Tuna fishing, Tarpon and Kingfish as well as Spanish Mackerel, Snapper and Grouper plus Jack Crevalle, Sharks or Great Barracuda, African Pompano and Cubera snapper plus amberjack, Permit and Snook fishing. Magnificent opportunities for fly fishing or convetional angling in the surf or on the flats are practicable through local sport fishing charters. This Panama fishing area is an inshore fishing guides paradise as it is reasonably easy to get to, unfished and unbelievably beautiful. The Caribbean Sea coast is accented by protruding great reef formations, white sand beaches, mangrove estuaries and Jungle Rivers creating an excellent sportfishing ambience. Panama Fishing Guide Grouper fishing charter Gamefish here have seldom seen a lure and attack them readily on saltwater fishing trips making even novice anglers feel like accomplished veteran sport fishing guides after their first day charter fishing. While there is a great variety of gamefish always at the ready, the two most sought after by saltwater fishing charters (survey says) and most probable to strike any sportfishing lure are the Tarpon and the Great Barracuda. Sport fishing charters for these great gamefish encompass angling in the surf and on the flats with conventional or fly fishing gear. Since the Tarpon is described in the Bayano River section, here the Great Barracuda is examined, taking into consideration that while on sport fishing trips for Great Barracuda most of the other game species, particularly Tarpon, Kingfish and Jack Crevalle will be encountered and hooked.
The Great Barracuda along with several other Atlantic & Pacific Barracuda varieties forms much of the ‘Sphraenidea’ Family. The Great Barracuda ‘Sphyraena Barracuda’ or ‘Picuda’ in Spanish is the largest of all Barracuda and true sportfishing challenge. Records from the last century indicate a length of 7 feet and 150 lbs for full-sized specimens. Big Barracuda are rare and most caught by anglers on Panama fishing trips are less than 50 pounds but are still a great fly fishing and sportfishing gamefish. Great Barracuda are found throughout the world in warm tropical seas although rare in the Eastern Pacific. Saltwater Fishing Guide Panama sport fishing guide Resembling a freshwater Pike the Great Barracuda is long, tubular and slender with a pointed head that sports many large sharp teeth along with a protruding lower jaw that give it an especially evil - hostile appearance. As form ever follows function, they are the specter-like assassins of the reefs. In Panama’s clear Caribbean Sea waters they appear dull silver with a greenish-blue cast and faded dark blotches along the sides, their underside whitish. It has a rather large marginalized tail when compared to the rest of the body used for speed and great acceleration which translates into an astonishing charter fishing quarry and endears him to saltwater fishing guides. Great barracuda are thought to live to about 20 years and the faster growing females can grow to about 24 inches in 2 years at which time they are sexually mature; males reach this length and breeding capabilities in about 4 years and are heavier per given length than the females. During this phase they are the prime targets of inshore saltwater fishing charters. It is presumed they are typical ‘batch’ spawners releasing and fertilizing their eggs in warm open seas where they drift with the currents. The larvae settle in estuaries until as juveniles they occupy mangrove habitats and more open water estuary zones. As adults they spend time between coastal mangroves, deep reef areas and open water, their habitat depending mostly on food sources and availability. At this stage they are opportunistic aggressive apex predators that feed day or night on basically anything that moves, they will hit a wide assortment of flies, lures and baits offered on charter fishing trips. They are probably the fastest swimming Caribbean Sea coastal fish reaching speeds in excess of 40 mph however their acceleration and maneuverability are most impressive making them seem like speed ‘incarnate’. Tarpon Fishing Guide saltwater fishing charter There are no other Caribbean Sea coastal fish species fast enough to catch them therefore they have few predators as adults. They are ghostly, usually attacking prey from above like a bolt of lightning. On appropriate sportfishing tackle Great Barracuda are a spectacular game fish, when hooked in the shallows they make tremendously swift runs frequently jumping and shaking their head with gill-flaring force. Despite the Great Barracuda’s aggressive reputation they can sometimes be lure shy and difficult to hook. Along the Atlantic Coast of Panama trolling and live baiting are many times forsaken for flats or fly fishing among the reef drop-offs, flats and clear mangrove creek mouths in a sportfishing effort to specifically target the Great Barracuda. The key to this Panama fishing method is not to cast too close as you will spook your quarry. A more subtle approach is necessary, casting well past the Barracuda and retrieving across his line of sight. The trick is to draw the Great Barracuda to the lure rather than splashing the lure in his face. The California Popping style using oversized pencil poppers and Hawaiian Pili poppers is deadly on Panama’s Caribbean Sea Great Barracuda, many times attracting more than one individual at a time creating a competitive atmosphere which is most desirable as it causes the sometimes wary Barracuda to strike with abandon. Fly fishing with over sized poppers and splay winged streamers produce similar results in the crystal clear waters. These sportfishing methods do have their drawbacks in that the time, careful stalking, patience and effort expended sneaking up on the ghostlike quarry coupled with the quite atmosphere created is absolutely destroyed when a monster Tarpon roughly mugs the popper or streamer and starts highballing it towards the horizon! Great Barracuda are a wonderful game fish for flats fishing charters whose sportfishing qualities have been mostly under recognized. However there are plenty of other sportfishing charter opportunities also available for Tarpon, Kingfish, Snapper, Grouper, Sharks, African Pompano, Cubera snapper, amberjack, Snook and Permit in case an angler desires variety! On the Atlantic Side Great Barracuda are not considered table fare due to the high instance of Ciguatera poisoning encountered when eating this species. Catch and release is recommended by most charter fishing guides with several on the water photographs of trophy sized Great Barracuda serving to bring back those memorable moments.

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